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  FOX Business    Lou Dobbs Tonight    The journalist offers his take on  
   issues and interviews newsmakers.  

    March 4, 2014
    7:00 - 8:01pm EST  

personal then i just get mad then did you lose me. i follow you. i can track you. good night. >> good evening everybody, as secretary of state john kerry has saved the day in the ukraine without a doubt a hard-working diplomat although not always diplomatic but a successful diplomat. the secretary of state telling russian president putin to order his military to abandon their position to return forces to their own bases in crimea. >> is not appropriate to invade a country at the end
of a barrel of a dozen with what you are trying to >> we are dictating what we are trying to achieve and that is not 24th century nation behavior. and i think that it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade. >> the secretary of state was garnering all of the headlines from key have, president obama in washington called it what might be procured to impress her. he didn't wait for them to conclude the live remarks from the ukraine before going live himself. the president's remarks more constrained than those of the top diplomats in his syntax is slightly better. >> we have all seen from the perspective of the european union and the united states, allies like canada and japan,
allies and friends and partners around the world that there is a long believe that russia's actions are violating international law and i don't think that's fooling anyone. lou: the obama rhetorical exchanges since stock prices have a been deeply lowered around the globe. it was only yesterday, sanctions went against russia. including the crimean incursion over the president's tough talk. >> what we are also indicating is that they are continuing on the current trajectory, we are examining a series of things.
it will isolate this russia. and it will have a negative impact on russia's economy as well. lou: the dow jones industrial yesterday fell 153-point. vladimir putin holding a press conference for the russian news media and mr. vladimir putin said he would pull back its forces in crimea. today we have the largest one-day gain. an all-time record high close for the s&p 500. in our first guest tonight says that president obama's effort to see peace through apologetic diplomacy, as he puts it, w the funding our military has been a failure. joining us now is ranking member on the armed services committee, remember of committee and
environmental works. it's great to have you with us. in the midst of all that has transpired over the last several days, secretary john kerry seems to have taken an appropriate tone with the russians and apparently part of this with john kerry's proposal. >> enough people have told him that this administration is going to come out. but the biggest problem that we have, and i remember talking to you when i got back from afghanistan five years ago, i went over there responded president new budget and that is what he did away with the third-generation c-17 and the combat system and the ground-based interceptors in poland. and now we have a situation like the taken addition to, $487 billion from the military and nobody talks about this.
but that is the problem that we have in we are so undermine right now in terms of our military that makes it very difficult. and those same people like john kerry and president obama or responsible for that are not supposed to be talking to one we don't have the backup power. lou: i know that there are few who are our is passionate and supportive and strategic of our military, with strategic direction as you are. but it was 2081 russia invaded georgia. under a republican president who presumably was better armed and better prepared military than to extend u.s. interest through the military. thank goodness president bush choose to do that. don't you agree? >> yes, i was in georgia right before an the winter olympics.
and their concern was, and i'm talking about people in georgia. but they felt that they will have a repeat performance in georgia. so i look at this and it's happening to undo reagan. and then we have the other problems as well. we have the europeans and one of the solutions to the problem is to start exporting oil ourselves and there will be a huge that way. >> the allies that we to believe are part of this. they have such limited
capability and it seems to me that the administration and there will be a free-market response to this crisis. and we have watched the commodities prices skyrocket. the russian ruble has been a disaster for some time. and even more so now. the world is speaking rather forcefully not through the conscious effort of the various leaders but through the market itself. and it's been a voice that mr. vladimir putin has listen to >> apparently so, but let's keep in mind that mr. vladimir putin, we don't know where he's going to go next. we don't know what country he
will go into to go back to the old soviet union. but there are things that we can do that people are talking about sanctions and visa and trade embargoes and all of that. we have some shifts in the black sea and the baltic sea and some f-22 planes over to poland. beyond highly sophisticated antimissile weaponry. >> that will send a message. our ability to defend america in terms of the army of this administration. at least that would give us something to shows us that we so maybe have power. >> senator, how much of that kind of response, by the way i want to point out that we have the former commander that recommends an asymmetrical approach, putting in another
group with two carrier task forces. and we would have dominant military power. my question becomes how much of this is about the american perception of well, that is that we need to feel robust and capable, if you will, when people work against our interests and after in regions that perhaps we should defer. >> first of all i wish the american people know what you know and what i know in terms of obama. people say where is all that money the money going, we know where it's going. all of the socialist program and another $41 billion per year in additional and food stamps and how many people are aware that he has put this in of
$120 billion in global warming and i did some calculations it's morning that we could have actually had purchased 1400 and 35 plans if we just, instead of spending that money on global warming, which has been soundly rejected by every bill that has come up in the united states senate and the house. in the american people are not aware of that. so i think we need to use this opportunity because certainly are adversaries now. lou: senator, good to have you with us. president obama with significant trouble for misrepresenting whether we should keep our health care plan. we now know that we can.
according to the architects of obamacare, we may not even be able to keep her insurance companies. ezekiel emanuel said the good news is we won't have insurance companies because the system is changing and insurance companies as they are now will be going away okay, this is the obama administration prepares to announce another obamacare delay this week. this time, they will allow insurance companies to keep offering those subprime plans that obamacare with lamb and since this must be canceled. how about that? and the crabs trying to avoid a wave of cancellations that they believe would alter the results before election day.
this fact checkers -- calling out the inflated medicare enrollment numbers and the head of the agency also inadvertently , we presume, corrected president obama. >> it is obviously a function of re-enrollment as well as new enrollment. lou: that means the administration is far shorter than it has also been called out by fact checkers for suggesting that even that number is a result of the obamacare fund.
it doesn't say what jobs and it does raise taxes by $1.8 trillion. and we will expand opportunities for every american. >> republicans announcing the plan, saying that it will add more and to her $17.1 trillion debt over the next 10 years. on wall street it was a record
breaking sunny day for stocks. the dow jones surging 228 points. the wilshire 5000 post about 25,000 for the first time ever, measuring the paper gains of $375 billion. bouncing back to 2.9% as investors stave off their safe haven investment. radioshack closing up 20% of its stores after the retailer reported weak holiday shares. plummeting 25% today. a reminder to listen to my financial report three times a day coast-to-coast on the sale network. for all of the days business marketing news, we are coming right back. please stay with us.
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lou: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the united states and other world powers not to allow iran to retain the ability to enrich uranium. the prime minister, who is addressing the pro-israel lobby put the thread into these terms. >> you remember that beer commercial? this bug is for you? well, when you see iran building, just remember that
that is for you. lou: my next guest says that the foreign policy is simply reckless. encouraging hostile behavior from our enemies. joining me now is andrew garvey. it's great to have you with us. >> it's great to be here. let's start with the relationship between the united states and israel. benjamin netanyahu. >> we need to do a job that he is thinking that we are capable of. holding out that something good will come of this. lou: the development today,
president vladimir putin pulling back forces to their own bases and this looks like a significant and meaningful de-escalation. what are your thoughts? two i'm not sure you can say that yet. i'm sure that he has made this point that he regards as his territory. not only to see that but to do a more robust operation. whether he needs push the envelope at this point is unclear. i guess that that will clarify itself over the next few days. >> i will say that i was skeptical when secretary john kerry announced that he would be going to kiev and he gave the russians today's warning on that. but i have to say that it turned
out to be a very good idea. and i think that he has talked about it splendidly. >> he certainly should have gone to kiev. and that should be a running dialogue or there's not a lot of options that we have at this point. but one of them is certainly making a very loud show of the support for the government in kiev. it's unfortunate that secretary john kerry seems not to know when he came off the flight that vladimir putin had said that there are no russian military -- lou: that was quite an interesting exchange in what he is referring to, secretary john kerry said he actually said that. >> yes, it underscores the impression, which i think is a very conscious one on vladimir putin spar. and he's toying with us and he's not taking this
>> you say that president obama has no credibility when he speaks of him violating international law because he violates the law nearly all the time? >> i find it fascinating that obama came out today and said that there was a consensus and that vladimir putin was in violation of the national law and was roguish and compares it to the international standard. on a daily basis he is violating american law. i don't even think that there's any dispute about that. he essentially says that he has the authority to rewrite this. lou: you're talking about the executive order? might just amah and through the agency regulations that they can think about. >> deferred action, choosing not to enforce some loss at all. >> yes. lou: sarah palin said people are
looking at one or putin as one who drills for oil and a look at our president who wears mother genes. [laughter] it's not a bad line. >> at least he didn't come out and say that it was a spontaneous invasion caused by an anti-russian video. i was a least pleased to see that. >> is when people think they are not making progress at all. it's good to have you. >> good to see you. lou: french and russian scientists released video of the 30,000 year old virus. there it is. they pulled it from siberian permafrost. the agent virus apparently only attacks single celled amoeba's and not human beings. fox news medical contributor marc siegel said it's unlikely that any real pathogen could come from the frost as it melts.
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lou: sam sung as a company with patients. they reportedly spent $20 million to advertise on sunday's academy awards and the host ellen degeneres took the selfie seen around the world. she took it with a samsung galaxy s-5. at the academy and dams on, she sent it via iphone.
in another celebrity that was recently caught using his iphone at the super bowl. shrugging off the ukraine crisis and volatility film nicholas. >> it's nice to be here. then one day later they normalized it a little bit. i think that we are doing the best we can through the choppy waters. >> it may be overconfident.
would you expect as we go into the next phase of this crisis? we will get these extra low events and the market takes it to percent steel and there's another externality waiting for it. but unemployment rate with a lot of anxiety. xiety.mber is mitigated a little
the number is mitigated a little bit. and that is the driving force adjusted here. >> employment pictures are improving slightly. 2.5%. >> we are looking at volatility here, but you don't think that while ever be by the same reporter. >> people look at this over a heightened volatility. i'm so on friday and it's something they want to give. lou: would you talk about
rebounding a little bit more difficulty from last year, they extended a little bit. and i think it all depends on this and we have a way to go. you may see some volatility this year. six months, two years out. definitely good. lou: kentucky pulling out the first two of eight classic corvette that were swallowed out under the national corvette museum last month. the delicate recovery operation expected to last until mid april. stay with us, we are coming right back. lou: the fog of encouragement. a russian troops taking up a new position? what are the u.s. strategies?
army four-star general jack keane will be with us. an 18-year-old suing her parents. our legal panel tells us whether or not she has a case. lis wiehl is with us next
lou: the obama administration trying to downplay this test today. my next guest is that president obama should provide missile defense to the public that would reverse mr. obama's 2009 decision. he says that that is necessary to put pressure on vladimir putin. joining us now is former army vice chief of staff, general jack keane. also fox news military analyst. general, it's great to have you with us or you is that your belief that mr. obama would be open to putting the missile
defense shield in czechoslovakia? >> i suspect not. i think that he moves very cautiously in this kind of crisis confrontation. i think he really has to step up fundamentally. what we are seeing is the global power politics and a test of wills. >> we should oust him from the g-8 and oust him from the g20. that would bother him. and then there are decisive things we can do away on the crisis. we could also accelerate georgia into nato, which is moving slowly towards that end and we
could put it on a fast track. there's things we can do about syria. >> and putin should pay a price for what he has done. even if he moves away, there should be a price exerted for this. lou: the administration was caught by his move on the ukraine and there was scuttlebutt of all sorts after
the close of the olympics. it seems the united states government was not connected to that possibility. >> i agree with you it is mystifying because the fact of the matter is that they thought they could clear the streets and that would break the back of the demonstrators are in that it results in them having fleet he has been fleeing the country. that should have told us they he's not going to stand by because that guarantees that the ukraine will move towards europe with this gone. and he wants to reassert his influence and we should have been ready for it. the one and it's the first
reflux of this administration and others to exclude vladimir putin rather than to complete withdraw. >> that will be decisive to have him do what he wants to do. but he enjoys the platform. he has a strategic plan that is restoring this that these were once had with the soviet union. to be taken seriously as a country. so that would actually matter. but to boot him out of there. both the g8 and the g7 and eight number out.
that's what we should be doing. lou: sources of names, general. let america and has said that if he's not interested in annexing crimea. then one thinks about this being involved. would you think the future holds? >> you know, i think that he will continue to put pressure here. the fact of the matter is that what is driving him in the ukraine moving towards the eu. moving away from russia. he did not want that. geopolitically, that is a disaster to him. his presence in crimea, i don't believe it will be permanent. but he is sending a loud message to the new government and he's going to play his game here and we have to deter him from going any further. we also have to get him to move the troops out of there.
that will not happen unless we step up. and that seems lately obvious to anybody who is looking at this situation. the rhetoric has to be over with action. lou: general, thank you so much as always heard. >> it's good to talk to you. lou: facebook reportedly in talks to buy a drum maker, titan aerospace, for $60 million. principally africa if the deal goes through, they have plans to use high-altitude balloons. competition is a lovely thing. up next, the government suing one of the companies that went along with their phone tapping program. a bizarre story. we will have that with our next report. lis wiehl takes it up next and
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lou: the justice department following a loss due to alleging that sprint overcharged the cost of complying with secret wiretaps of americans phone. according to the lawsuit, sprint inflated charges to the amount of $21 million. there will be an accounting. in a new jersey judge ruling against an 18-year-old honor student. rachel canning left her home five months ago. she then sued her parents for immediate financial support. she claims abandonment and her parents say that rachel doesn't want all of the rules. joining us now is lis wiehl and mercedes colon, both fox news legal analyst. thank you for being with us. let's start with you.
>> this young girl, she is honestly a brat. how is it that she turns around and says i want to forget about your rules. the rules were to stop bullying her younger sisters, return items are not yours, treated with respect and you can live here. i'm sorry, she wants to control things. and by the way, i need money because that is one thing i didn't factor in, she said. >> she walked into the house of her best friend. the father of her best friend habits to be a lawyer either this was a bright idea to take the case to court rather than to try to count all the family or something like that. by the way, after the $12,000 in legal fees. and the court today said you're not going to get.
lou: a california couple who found $10 million in their backyard. they have some problems. it turns out that those coins were stolen from the u.s. mint in 1900. >> undoubtedly. maybe there will be an argument, finders keepers, losers weepers. no one could have guessed that those items were there. unfortunately for them, everyone says that that is great, wonderful, it will be if it's a start. but it will likely be seized. and some of the coins were not coins that were listed in stolen
from the bank of san francisco. and so they say you have to show up for these really are the coins that were stolen. because right now i'm not sure they made that case completely. lou: those folks watching who may or may not find 10 million or some sizable value in their backyard. what is the best legal advice? one of them should probably be the ones in the media. [laughter] so what should they do? >> get a good lawyer. >> they should go to a lawyer and spends the money. [laughter] >> that is her answer to everything.
>> ultimately the government will be involved. they have to pay taxes on it. so they are not going to get around it if it's stolen property. liz brought up the issue that perhaps some of this can be kept by the family but they are still going to have to pay taxes on it. >> don't put it under the mattress. >> the american humanist association. i want to ask you about this. asking for the world war ii royal to be taken down. what should the outcome? >> the outcome should be that it should be allowed to stand. whether or not the court decides it is a historical monument as opposed to a religious symbol. >> that's exactly right. if it is historical, they go
beyond the constitutional issue. but if it states that it's religious, it will probably come down. lou: a lot of people will say that this is crazy. that is just one idea. from naples, florida. lou: thank you for staying with us. up next, my commentary on why congressional republicans continue to do nothing if they want to win these midterm elections. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card.
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>> now about president obama
and his energized republican congress. a congress that suddenly wants to reform welfare welfare, medicaid, had soared -- head start and our tax code. they must have got excited about the realization eight months from the midterm election. 244 days to be exact. it certainly is not clear why fed g.o.p. has started to ballyhooed legislative plans they don't have the power to achieve. the house republican leadership in my opinion should pay attention to the pulling of the said that aside. a new "washington post" poll finds that those seats with open said it raises 50% favor republicans only 42 percent favor democrats. that is a big margin. the senate republicans have duchy of to retake the senate in large measure
because they don't do much. harry reid does not like at and does not get it. last month he slammed republicans on the seventh floor. >> talk about groundhog day. this is groundhog year. the republicans in the senate refused to allow anything to take place. water we doing here today? nothing. they can sit around and do nothing that is what they do all the time. we have spent months and months and months sitting around doing nothing because of procedures. >> obviously a little frustrated. but this said the republicans are lined with the american people right now we want our lawmakers to do nothing and stay the heck out of our lives. now the g.o.p. of the house side folks the leadership
gets the message soon. do nothing. do it now. long before election day. time for a few of your comments. about the president's response to the ukrainian crisis. lou: writing and also about the ukraine, lou: we like to hear from you. e-mail the and follow us on twitter or go to facebook page and as always links to everything.
at lou we are giving away copies of my new book upheaval from the authors of the comments year each evening. we will see you tomorrow. good night from new york. word ts a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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double mocha. neil: hey vladimir putin, and i know that you are watching. it's time to do some thinking. because when the rich upset get upset, it's time for a switch. what can bring the world back from the brink? how about losing a bundle? don't get me wrong, the ukraine is still en masse. but let's be grateful today but it's not getting messier. markets are rebounding and the russian elite could be blinking or rethinking. and because of some very important russian investors, losing their